Gutter Cleaning UK – A national gutter cleaning service

Gutter cleaning UK – is a service offered by Seers Support Services Ltd, we are a nationwide company that specialises in everything to do with gutter cleaning. We offer a wide range of services to a huge number of industrial companies and business already and our client list is always growing. We offer professional cleaning and repairing of gutters and of roofs, and also in depth inspections for sites, which are followed by offering advice such as to how to best keep the gutter in good condition and what kind of follow up services should be implemented.

The main service offered by our UK gutters service is the thorough cleaning of all gutters on a building or site. This is particularly important for large industrial buildings because a build-up of rubbish and debris in the guttering can cause flooding or leaks within the buildings, and this in turn can cause damage to materials or machinery which can be very expensive to repair or replace. It is also very dangerous to have leaking water in large industrial work places so it is best to make sure that your gutters have a regular servicing to keep them working properly.

All our staff at UK Gutters service are professional and are all fully trained to work at heights, since some of the buildings where the gutters need cleaning can be several stories high and could be very dangerous for amateurs to go up. Also, before almost every job, we will carry out a full site survey so that we can make a plan of exactly what needs to be done and quote accordingly, giving the best possible value for money. This also means we can bring any special equipment that might be needed for the job to get it done to the best possible standard.

Another service which UK Gutters regularly carry out is the repairing and treatment of industrial gutters. These large gutters are normally made of galvanised steel, and then the individual plates are sealed together in place. However over time the sealant can come away and need replacing, which is easy enough to do for professionals like the ones at UK Gutters who know what they are doing and have had years of experience. The steel can also rust and corrode over time causing the gutters to need to be replaced, however they can have surface treatment regularly carried out on them, and this significantly increases their life span.

As well as gutters, UK Gutters also have years of experience with dealing with roofs. They can carry out extensive repairs if they are needed to stop leakage or damage to the internal building. This covers a lot of different jobs which they can do, with the most common ones including things like resealing roofs, replacing the felt on them when it starts to wear away, fixing the tiling on them and also repairs to things such as cladding. All of these services are carried out to the highest possible standard and can save businesses a lot of money in repairs in the long run because water inside the building can cause a lot of damage.

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